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March 4, 2017
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April 10, 2017

Wine festival programme for 2017

The season is looming, so we compiled a collection of the Hungarian wine festivals for you!

It is worth to spend multiple days at these festivals, to be able to discover the selected wine region – and we could help to arrange it for you!

Villányi Wine Parade

With an unconventional timing, this wine festival is held in the last weekend of April among the wine cellars in Villány. The erection of a Maypole, blues, jazz and rock’n’roll concerts, Hungarian folk dance events and a Latin dance camp awaits the the visitors. Among the slopes of the wine region, the wineries can be visitied on foot, by bicycle, or even by hoorse carriages.There will be plenty of wine tastings as well, as all the wineries are preparing intensely for the season opener wine festival.

If you have not tried Fekete Járdovány of the Gere winery, now is the time to do so! This limited item is a real specialty of an ancient, native variety of the Carpathian basin that spends six months in an oak barrel, so that it preserves its fresh fruitiness.

Get to know the process of vine cultivation and wine making in the Jammertal Winery Recreational Center or in the Bock winery. Chivalry hall, dungeons, treasures are waiting for you in the depths of the safes. This is th ebest match for wine tasting.

The programs are organized by the Villány Siklósi Borút Egyesület, you can find more information on their website

Kerekdomb Festival and Wine Parade

This wine festival is held twice this year: between 16 and 18 June and 8 and 10 September, in the small village of Tállya in the Tokaj wine region. We naturally recommend the furmint items from the selection, but the actual choices should be made based on personal preferences.

The event is enriched by cultural concerts, held in the courtyards of the local mansions. You can choose your topical wine tasting, stroll on the slopes and visit of the wine cellars at any of the local wineries. The gourmets can choose between quality wine dinners and street food.

We recommend Oroszlános Borhotel for recreation, where we are met by two lions on the winged oak gates of the former Szirmay Mansion. It is said that the visitor patting the head of the lions perks up and will soon return.



Egri Bikavér Celebration

This wine festival will be held between 6 and 9 July, for the 21st time. The festival offers a plethora of programs and guests. The program can be reached here, but one thing is sure, you should not miss the tractor race!

In Eger, you should not miss the superb wine tasting opportunities, especially that Egri Bikavér has become a Hungaricum in 2017!  On scalding hot summer days, the best remedy is to visit the cool cellars of Thummerer winery, for a long cellar tour. The gigantic tuff rocks of the Bolyki land can offer a cooling shade as well, where you can enjoy the anecdotes of ’Jani’ for your wine tasting session.

In Eger, they celebrate the day of Saint Donatus, the patron saint of vineyards and wine-makers. The gist of this day is best described by the following, short, historic song (rough translation):

„On the day of Saint Donatus, Holy Mother of God please pray for us,

O Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, we implore you to be our voice in front of God,

Together with Saint Donatus, so that He preserves our grapes from hail,

Frost, and other harmful dangers. So that the weather will be nurturing,

So that He blesses our grapes with a strong harvest. Take a look at His throng gathered together, avidly supplicating His help.”

Don’t forget that this area offers some of the best premium wellness hotels and spas. Bambara and Shiraz are luring you to beautiful and enchanted cultures, the enormous salt rocks of Saliris are soothing you, and you may even slide through the cave baths of Demjén.

Paloznaki Jazz Piknik

We have already written a piece on Paloznak with the title of ’100% Riviera on Balaton’. It is useful to look for information on the programs on the website of the winery, where you can find plenty of photos that speak for themselves regarding the atmosphere of the events of the previous years.

The festival is expected to attract 5-6 thousand visitors between 3 and 5 August. The spirits will be sky-high after tasting the endearing Welschrieslings, pinot gris and traminis. The Balaton wine region is one of the wine regions with the most outstanding quality where grape cultivation and wine-making have a history of 2,000 years.

The picnic feeling will be provided by local hand-made specialties, handcrafted cheese and ham, ice-cream and pálinka to be put into small baskets and laid down upon blankets on the ground. The food will be catered by the popular restaurants of the north side of the Balaton, for example, Márga bistro where you should definitely pop by during the summer!

Wine and groove in Erdőbénye


For those that love festivals, we recommend the four-day-long wine festival held in Erdőbénye. The visitors can participate in the most complete selection of music and cultural programmes.

You can browse the website of the festival for the renditions of the previous years, and you can experience the astounding atmosphere through the photos.

It is recommended to take a tour of the area to get to know the wine region better. Cultivated on the volcanic rocks of the Tokaji wine region rich in minerals, full-bodied, wines with high levels of acidity and strong mineral traits can be made. Tokaj-Hegyalja is the birthplace for the wines with the highest alcohol, sugar and acid content of Hungary.


+1 Budapest Wine Festival

The most popular wine festival will be held in the Buda Castle between 7 and 10 September.

The details of the participants will be published later.

As exhibitors, e are preparing a unique program for those who like Wellness&Wine, as well as anyone planning to participate on our wine tours. We are constantly expanding our schedule for this summer.