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Wine tasting program

Do you love the characteristic species, probably adore the new wines? There are countless variations to choose from, as several fantastic wine bars are in the selection in our wine-tasting tour.

About the famous ruin pubs in Budapest. Crumbling buildings, graffiti, vintage and underground style, all in the downtown historical district. Small detailed equipments, lax staff, quality service. In our guided wine tasting you can learn about the wide range wine list of our country and get an overview of the characteristics of the species and the features of the wine country.

The tasting is recommended for those who want to know a bit more about the Hungarian wines. Whether from the most famous Hungarian wine makers, or even representatives of the youngest generation.

Groups of friends, romantic couples or even those who want to develop their skills are welcomed with regular events. We guarantee that quality wines will be tasting with excellent service in the best wine bars of Budapest. Learn about all the 7 wine regions of Hungary, which you can explore further if you travel with us, because the wine has a real charm in their natural environment!

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„Life is too short to drinks bad wines"