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Wine tours

In our country are located many emerging and stunningly beautiful wine regions, including the world's first demarcated wine region Tokaj, which is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Tokaji aszu can’t be missing of the shelves of the world's restaurants. No less popular Villány the home of French origin red wines, where the origin of viticulture dates back to Roman times.

Take part in a cozy walk between the vineyards and the cellars with wine tasting and cellar visit as well. Taste the local culinary specialties in a wine dinner. The wine specialties of the region presented through a selection of premium items. Learn about the secrets of winemaking with all the exciting stories performed by the local winemakers.

Our vineyard tour offers a speciality with professional leadership, during the tour we walk around the vineyards accompanied with a sip of great wine, trying to feel out the mood of the terroir and learn about the areas of the region which create the best wines. In shorter programs you can try the services of the region's best hotels, which guarantee the physical and spiritual refreshment. However if you desire to an active relaxation, during this period we walk around the interesting places of the region or you even go sailing on Lake Balaton!

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